Oh, Brother


You may recall a few months back that I mentioned how Corbin is going to be a big brother. And as with any pregnancy, people speculate both on what gender the child will be and what gender you want the child to be. For most, it’s hard to fathom that you will be equally happy with either a girl or a boy. For them, it seems to be a contest between the mother and father or other siblings (aka Corbin) but the truth is, we will be happy with either a boy or a girl. There are certain things you can look forward to with boys and other things to look forward to with girls.

battle of the sexes

A girl would give Julia a chance to dress her up in cute, girlie clothes and I would be able to teach Corbin how to treat women. And with another boy, Corbin can have a playmate who is more likely to play with trains or rough and tumble games. But in the end, all any parent really wants, is a healthy child. Sure, some people will have a preference that may be sexist, and some will have a preference simply to answer the age old question (what are you hoping for) and some will have a preference based on some psychological development non-sense about how “boys who are 2.5 years older than their next girl sibling when born in the winter under a full moon…”


Today, Julia is 19 weeks along. Traditionally, this is the halfway point (40 weeks total) but of course it’s all based on sizes, and we know that size doesn’t really demonstrate due dates reliably. For those who don’t know, the halfway point is when you can safely determine gender and parents have to make the difficult choice to know, or not-know. Some want to extend the anticipation and leave something of a surprise while others, want to start making definitive plans about names, clothes and nursery decor. For me and Julia, knowing just helps narrow down the name choices and that’s reason enough to find out the baby’s gender. And today, we found out that we won’t need to look at girl names any more. Corbin is going to have a little brother.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Brother

  1. I wouldn’t be *too* sure.

    I’ve heard of them making mistakes before. Not sure when it the pregnancy it was, but not impossible.

    Here Usual mistake is saying a boy is a girl. But 20 weeks should be pretty accurate…

  2. There’s always the chance of error. A friend of mine and her brother were both “misread” but they are a lot more careful to be “sure” before saying one way or another.

  3. Cassie was originally Connor Micheal… The doctors assured us time and time again the baby was a boy.
    Somewhere on my PC is a picture of my sister in law giving me the funniest hug as she screaming, SURPRISE IT’S A GIRL!

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