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I recently added two games to the site for your enjoyment.

Dummy Never Fails

A different dummy game
Throw dummies to reach the goal, the less pain the better!

Full features are:
– 52 levels
– 51 dummy skins to unlock
– Level editor
– High-scores
– A lot of dummy pain
It’s a little slow to load so give it time. My advice is to load this one first and then play Flood Runner while you wait for this one to load.

Flood Runner 2

The flood is coming, run hard and jump for your life!
Run, jump and don?t get caught by the flood.
Pick score bonuses, and double your score by flying high. Enjoy playing bandar togel terpercaya and other gambling games on this site.

This game is probably more addictive than the first even though it it a lot simpler to play (isn’t that how it usually goes?)

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