New Game: When Penguins Attack – TD


This is your basic tower defense strategy game where you build towers to ward off the invading Penguin forces. Build defensive towers on strategic locations and try to beat each level without losing any lives. Levels are unlocked each successful campaign.

Play When Penguins Attack – TD now to witness the true meaning of cute penguin carnage.


* Upgrade as much as possible.
* Build complex paths using tower placements.
* Keep your best (most expensive) towers within range of the enemy’s flight paths.
* Large numbers of cheap towers can be as effective as fewer expensive towers.

6 thoughts on “New Game: When Penguins Attack – TD

  1. I’ve played the game but “enemy’s flight paths” still doesn’t fit when you’re talking about penguins. =P

  2. If you have problems with the game, please provide as much detail as possible so I can troubleshoot the problem.

    Describe what does or does not happen, where you connect from (work, home, school). Do you see anything in the game widow or is it blank/black? Do you see the pre-game ad? All these things can help narrow down the issue. So be descriptive.

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