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You may have noticed the link over on the right side (under that handsome brute) referring to “other distractions“. Those distractions are simply online games that you can play from this site. Initially I added one or two so I could easy find the games when I wanted to play (and keep my progress) but soon others started playing too. Turns out that a lot of schools block game sites so people found other ways to play their favorite game (including my site). As a result, I’ve added more games over time and usually on request. Unfortunately not all games can be added but I do try.

Now, I mention this because I recently added two new games.

The first is called Siege Master and has a simple premise – lay waste to the enemy castle. You can choose from three weapon types and ten ammo types. You combine angle and power of your shot to hit your target such that the castle walls fall. Kill the targets (while protecting others) and you win the level. Requires strategy (and luck) plus ahas some nice graphics. Great for short games or all nighters.

The second game is Bridgecraft and was added by request. This game is a little more “cute” than the other game but is just as challenging. You need to construct bridges to get the Euwins from one side to the other. Construction is easy enough but using the best design that costs the least and getting it right the first time is the real trick. Like the other game, the levels are short so you can play a couple of quick levels or go for the gold and complete the entire game in one sitting. Either way, you’ll waste time while feeling productive.

A word of caution from someone who knows, don’t let this stuff consume your life. Its very easy to get “caught up” in the game and lose several minutes or hours here when you could and should be doing something more important (like school work or your job). I’m not your mother so I won’t stop you but make sure you use this site (or other ones like it) responsibly. If you do, then you’ll enjoy the games that much more – trust me.

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