My Facebook Friends

Haunted facebook

Got this email at work….

Personal Message To You From your friends at facebook video server:
Subject: ” Review – My family invite you out for lunch, don’t hesitate!”

Read Description for a link to part 1 Original Video added by group member.
You will see a link to Open Your Personal Message Manager.
Selecting this link will take you to the log in page where you can browse new messages.

Proceed to open full message text:

[very realistic link removed]

Sincerely, Vance Coulter.
Facebook 2009 Message Center.

Wow, this is Great! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. A free lunch, really?! and new friends?! I can’t wait…but wait….

I’m not on Facebook and I never use my work email for personal stuff. Silly spammers, tricks are for kids.

6 thoughts on “My Facebook Friends

  1. Yeah. I wonder if the hackers/spammers just think the general IQ is going down, or they’re getting more desperate. I got one the other day, about how I needed to send in some personal information to get a check to cover some warrantied part I needed to replace on my Oldsmobile Cutlass…. seeing as I don’t own a car… I kinda figured it probably didn’t apply to me. I’ve also won the UK Lottery about two dozen times, and even won a few contests for Nvidia I didn’t enter, and best of all, I had the winning bid in about 40 different E-Bay items! If only I had an E-bay account…

  2. I get quite a bit of Facebook email, being on Facebook and turning a lot of stuff to ‘notify on’.

    That really doesn’t look like Facebook-type message (at least nothing like what I’ve gotten in over 5 months).

    Most of the time it just says “So-and-So has added a friend you suggested” and “So-and-so sent you a message/sent you a poster/etc”

    In which case it’s either quoted or you get the gist of what happened in the message itself (or even just the email title). Then, if needed, I switch to my web browser and go to Facebook myself.

    But then, I’m a bit smarter than the average bear. ; )

  3. I guess I’m just saying that 99% of Facebook messages are harmless as they quote anything you need to know, and you have to go to Facebook to do anything with them anyway.

    Which I, as noted, prefer to do myself, in-browser – though there is usually a link with the email. Facebook also has an internal ‘notification applet’ so you can quickly go to all you new stuff that way. It doesn’t hurt to be paranoid.

    PS. That is the wussiest looking Necronomicon I’ve seen in a long time. =P

  4. “Plus honestly, these guys here are so good at what they do it’s not funny. They pull so much data in such a short amount of time it’s crazy.”

    No kidding. They look very adept and grabbing one of these things, tracking it to it’s lair(s) (IP), finding the owners past activity (similar tricks), finding the landlord (hosting companies) and generally debunking the whole mess.

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