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A friend of mine recently abandoned his old web host and moved his entire blog(s) to a new web host. He didn’t want to deal with his old host but needed to redirect people to his new site so he asked “any idea on how I can do a domain redirect from my old site to [my new site]?” So here’s what I told him..

First, set up a redirect via .htaccess file on your old server.
with this content: Redirect /

Next step is to set up DNS to point to your new host. Your new host can explain how (requires server names, etc.) but you will have to enter this info to your old host. You can skip this since you have .htaccess redirect and then transfer domain registration.

Transfer domain registration to your new host. They can help you with this. For hosting, if you’re looking for a new host or domain registrar, I use and have been very happy.

Now I’ve been wanting to move this site back to to improve performance and up time. Unfortunately I’m having trouble moving the database info from one site to another. Any tips are appreciated.

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  1. Luke, so you moved from 1and1 and are now moving back? What have you notice about your current host that makes it lacking?

    I’m going to try to implement your suggestions. BUt what I did do, before I got your response, was I renewed my domain name with my new host and then transferred the name to them. It supposed to take 7days. Is this a way to do it as well, or should I do what you said as well? is registered with I moved it to the current host (via DNS) because I needed more space and bandwidth than I originally had. But since then, 1and1 has increased their storage and bandwidth to be competitive and they have been more reliable. The problem with shared hosting is that some users could use up the community’s server limit leaving others in the dust. This is caused by insufficient number of servers per user and poor management. 1and1 doesn’t suffer from these issues. I know because I have 7 other sites with them.

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