More on InLink vs TLA

So when I first learned that you couldn’t use TLA and InLink concurrently I started looking for clarification through both site’s Contact pages. here’s what happened…

via TLA Contact Page

    ME: How can I integrate InLinks to my site? Do I need to create a separate account or is the existing TLA code going to include InLinks?

    Brock Boser COO (MediaWhiz): Are you currently using regular TLA on your site(s)?

    ME: Yes. Currently, I have a few ads at the end of various posts but no site-wide ads are sold (though I have in the past).

    Brock: Ok then sorry we do not allow inLinks with the regular TLA option. It is just one or the other.

    ME: Are the same features available through both?

    Brock: No, sorry they are not.

Now here’s where it gets confusing…

via InLink Contact Page

    ME: If I can’t use TLA along-side of InLinks, will TLA be offering the same

    Brock: Yes the same features that are available in are available in TLA.

Wait a sec. You just said they were not available. Are we not communicating? Was I not clear?

So I called and left a message. We’ll see if someone can straighten this all out.

Update: Got a follow up email regarding this issue.

    Brock: Hi, sorry for the misinformation. InLinks can be found on both and TLA where the regular TLA product can only be found on TLA. Please let me know if you need help or clarification with anything else.

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