Meg Ryan is hot?


Email spam is fun. OK, maybe more die-a-thousand-deaths-you-spamming-pigs but it can be funny.

I’ve never been much for porn. As a youth, I saw a few “art films” (wink wink) and even though I was understandably aroused, I never felt satisfied. As I got older, I began to see how degrading (to men) it was and so I never went back. But then I saw this in my spam filter – “Gallery porno dvd Meg Ryan”. Now at first, I was quick to delete it but then I started think…


First off, who believes for one second, Meg Ryan would be in a porno. Second, who would want to see Meg Ryan in a porno. I’m mean she’s cute and all but not in the hot, dirty sex kind of way you expect from a classic porno. So then who is this targeted to? Well, it’s for me. You see, I really want to see Meg Ryan in a porno. Not for the typical reasons but because the idea of it is so ludicrous that it would be funny to see. Like Martha Stewart acting all gangsta or Paris Hilton doing manual labor – it’s un-possible.

Of course, after I wrote this, I learned she was in a sexy thriller or two. Watch the trailer below then go HERE for an EVEN better one.

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