Meet Mavis

Every now and then I come across a blog author that really captures my attention. Sometimes its the subject matter they, sometimes its simply the way they write, and sometimes, its both.

Mavis” – real name unknown (to me) – is one of those people. First off, she’s quirky. She reminds me of my friend Siobhan (pronounced shove-on) they both have a certain zest for life that can’t be contained or satisfied. But unlike most zesty people, they love the unusual styles typically of the American past. From ’50s dinner to beatnik couture to home-made anything. If its retro, they make it new. If its bland, they make it exciting. If its slow, they make it fast – and vise versa.

One recent example of Mavis’ fine writing is her post “like there?s no tomorrow” in which she tells you the true value of children. Another one that really speaks to me is nature, red in tooth and claw in which she introduces us to a new author Harry J Baerg.

So take a moment from your busy day and read some of her posts. And if you feel compelled to comment on her blog, tell her archshrk sent you. Don’t forget to book mark her or subscribe to her feed.

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