List of scandals with “-gate” suffix

“Since the Watergate scandal, the media has on occasion [*cough*] referred to social or political scandals by adding the suffix “-gate” to one of the key words used to describe the scandal. This new label has sometimes stuck but often a new name is used. The process is known as -gate construction.”

Has everyone in the media lost their ability to think up new and catchy names?

List of scandals with “-gate” suffix to prove my point.

49 Widely recognized scandals with a -gate suffix, and another 65 Less well-known scandals with a -gate suffix, or scandals that are in dispute of having a -gate suffix (some repeats of names for different events)

List of scandals with “-gate” suffix

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  1. I noticed that there are about hte same number of “gates” involving Republicans as there are Formula One drivers or is that redundancy?

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