Like the sheep that I am


National Blog Posting Month aka NaBloPoMo begins today and like the sheep that I am, I signed up. After all, I want to be a rebel just like everyone else.

What is NaBloPoMo? That’s a darn good question. Have you noticed that good questions seldom have good answers? Anyway, the basic premis is that for the month of November, you post to your blog at least once everyday for the entire month (including Saturdays and Sundays). Successful blogers will be elegible for prizes, others will be shot. No wait that’s a different club. But there are prizes.

Of course, I’m not in it for the prizes. I want to increase my readership, which will increase my page rank, which will increase my Adsense earnings. But mostly, because I love your money you. So I’m going to try to post something everyday for the entire month of November. If you’re already a member, let me know and we can become “friends“. If not, feel free to join today.

6 thoughts on “Like the sheep that I am

  1. I thought about it…but I’ve got too much going on this month, and ain’t sure I can commit to a whole post every day…oy! I’ll look forward to some great writing from you though! :)

  2. NaBloPoMo? Eeek! As often as I blog, I’d fail for sure! ;)
    However I signed up for NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month, so while you’re posting blog entries, I’ll be writing the next great American novel. =)

  3. “A rebel just like everyone else.” Heh. My wife and I notice things like that; kids in line for a concert at House Of Blues, all those defiant individualists dressed alike in black t-shirts and jeans.

    Prizes are good!

  4. my one time stellar readership has gone down down down and it’s all because i lack consistency in posting. you think i can get it back? you think i can redeem myself?

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