Life and Death

I read a post called Life and Death and it got me thinking…

I’ll be going to a memorial service tomorrow and this issue has been weighing on my mind. How do we comfort those who pass on and those who remain? I don’t think believers have as much difficulty with death (if they understand the gospel) but unbelievers are another story. They don’t see physical death as a release from sin and bondage. To them, it’s the end of the ride. Nothing but cold darkness remains in their minds, or a never-ending summer party. Either way, they are mistaken. So how do you comfort them in their loss?

I’ll be exploring this issue more but wanted to know what you thought. What happens when you die? Is there Heaven? Hell? Which will you go to? What does Heaven or Hell look like to you?

One thought on “Life and Death

  1. Sometimes people have a faith crisis when a loved one passes on. They tend to rail and rave at God as though he should have let them live on, even if they were holding on to a frail pain-filled life. It’s a selfish realisation that most people don’t look at.

    Most people aren’t comfortable with the thought that you can talk to those that passed on, be it through mediums or prayer. I find that as long as you hold them with love in your heart, they will always be a part of you. To those that are still here, just comfort them with positive memories, and a loving heart. Time and faith will heal the void.

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