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I must say that I really love this band and their latest CD ?The Making of Easy?. It has a sound that just saturates your every being and moves you from the inside and inspires you to surrender to Christ. Stylistically, they remind me a lot of Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily (which I also love). But more than that, the lyrics are awesome…

I’m trying to discover who I should be – does He know who I am is He mindful of me – He said if I took His yoke upon me – that His burden was light and His yoke was easy — oh, but I still get weary and I sometimes feel lost – and I still cave into fear – I still see progress as out of my reach even though He’s standing right here…” (From their song ‘free’)

I want to say more but I can’t find the words to describe how much this music affects me. Go to their website and listen to the songs for yourself. BTW they have a great website, too. Definitely choose the FLASH option.

The Kathi Burg Band The band’s self-produced album, The Making of Easy, is their most in-depth project yet. Each song tells it’s own story, with their first single and title track singing of a journey from fear to hope.

the official website of the kathi burg band and her myspace page.
The Band’s site is down right now (Oct. 4, 2005) so go to PureVolume.com to hear some sample tracks to judge for yourself.

UPDATE: (10-4-05) I emailed Kathi asking about the website. She replied rather quickly.

Thanks for writing. The band is actually not together anymore. Our last show was in June. I am continuing to write though, with plans to record a solo project in the near future. If you want, I can keep your e-mail address and make sure to keep you posted on the new music. By the way, thank you for the write up you did for the band on your website. Your site is really well done.

Thanks Kathi. Sorry to hear the band is dissolved but I’m glad to hear you’re still writing. I was introduced to the band last year through Kaleo Church. Want a CD? Just ask…KathiBurgMusic_yahoo.com (guess wher the @ symbol goes)

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