Kaleo launches TWO new sites

Kaleo Church in San Diego launches two new sites.


The first is Kaleo at SDSU.

Kaleo SDSU officially kicked off Sunday, September 3rd at 7pm. We will be meeting at Faith Presbyterian Church, just a short distance from the campus at 5075 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92115. Though a large part of the congregation will likely be college students (due to the proximity to the campus), this is intended to be an intergenerational service. All are welcome to join us, especially for our first evening.


Second, is Kaleo’s redesigned website. It’s a big change from the old site in that it uses the wonderful backend system of ekklesia360. It’s a new Content Management System developed by monkdevelopment

Ekklesia 360 combines a Content Management System (CMS), email communication module, event registration / RSVP module, church member’s module, guest hospitality module, administrative module, hosting module and an outreach module into one web-based application. The system is designed from the ground up around best-of-class technologies, which allow churches to leverage the online medium for their community and communicate their vision to the world.

2 thoughts on “Kaleo launches TWO new sites

  1. I checked out the not-SDSU site and I’m really impressed. The Internet has unlimited potential for getting The Message out and there is so much crap out there that takes something eye-catching to compete. And I really like how the doctrine statement is uncluttered and understandable and matter-of-fact.

  2. That second site is puurrrty. Chris (le fiance) just recently designed a cathedral site, and it looked gorgeous! It really is amazing how aesthetic we are as learners, readers, and believers. I notice myself that I gravitate toward certain colors and design schemes, and certain motifs in general. Funny.

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