Julia is preparing for a mini-marathon

Julia is preparing for a mini-marathon and needs the old Bob Revolution jogging stroller so Benjamin can ride along while she trains during Corbin’s LEGO class, since there are some great strollers or the best double stroller just for this purpose.

So I dig it out of storage and start to inflate the tires only to find they won’t hold air. So I go online, order some new tubes and start replacing the small one. Step one, remove the old tube (check), step two, double check the old tube is bad and not just having issues with the nozzle fitting (it’s an awkward angle and size tire).

With the tube off, I am still unable to inflate the tube. I searched for the source of the leak and it was not as near to the valve stem as I thought. It was actually in the pump hose near the valve. The more the tire filled up, the more the air leaked out of the hose rather than the tire.

I switched pumps and was able to successfully inflate all three tires. Mission accomplished. Now to return $23 innertube I don’t need. Or save them for when I do.?

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