I’ve shut the door on China

I didn’t want to do it but let’s be honest…nothing good comes out of China these days.

Actually, that’s not being very fair. The problem is that I’m getting a lot of spam comments and the URL for the commenter(s) is always something-random.something-with-car-name.cn (the domain for China). It wouldn’t bother me if it was getting caught by my spam filters but I keep getting comment moderation emails asking me to approve or deny these little bits of spam. Of the 419 spam comments I got in the last 24 hours, 10 where from this spammer and made it to my inbox. I may lift the China ban after a while and maybe just turn off commenting for the posts they seem to target but for now…

The door is closed. Most favored nation my Download:

2 thoughts on “I’ve shut the door on China

  1. I don’t know what blog platform you’re using, but I just upgraded to WordPress 2.21 and it now includes a feature that lets you close comments to all but your most recent X entires with the click of ONE button (well, 2 if you want X to be other than 5, which is the default.) Handy that.

    Thanks for your comment this morning. The shark week widget is cool, no?

  2. I got burned by one comment, and ended up activating both comment moderation and word verification on blogger — much as I hate them both — so I understand your frustration….
    Michele sent me today,

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