It has come to this

I have had to unsubscribe to some of my favorite blogs recently as I realized that even with my mad sorting skills and Bloglines’ ease of use, there are just too many blogs for me to read. I find myself skipping far too many great blogs because I feel overwhelmed with articles to read.

Most of these blogs won’t miss me as they never knew I existed. That is, I rarely commented and typically only read via the RSS feed but I will miss them. Some I removed because I read them in other formats or visit regularly without the feeds, but I can’t help but feel like I’ll be missing some great posts.

On the plus side, I should be adding more quality to my own site now that my internet time is getting less booked. My question to you is…

Do you prefer to write posts or comment on posts?

3 thoughts on “It has come to this

  1. I took a break from reading blogs as well. It’s good to give it a rest. Personally, I prefer to write posts rather then read and comment…most of the time.

  2. @ Kristi: I’m glad you made an exception this time. :)

    @ Wendy: I’m typically in the same boat. I read, then I write, then I comment. I don’t usually have something worth contributing which is why I don’t comment as much.

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