It ends where I began

Carl Macek, Robotech’s crafter, passes away at 58

Among his many accomplishments Carl created Robotech, co-founded Spumco with John K. and co-founded Streamline Pictures (Akira, Fist of the North Star, Laputa, etc.) –

Carl Macek spent the past Saturday, April 17th as he often did, enjoying life to its fullest at a concert with his beloved wife Svea. Then a massive heart attack took him away from all of us. It was a bitter pill to swallow. This did not seem fair. He was still so full of creative energy. However, with the amazing legacy of his work, Carl has left us much to remember him by, and in this way, he has truly become immortal. –

Watch the series here

Robotech set the standard for generations of animation to follow. I remember watching this with my dad. Its sad to lose such creatives, especially when they have so much left to give.

Robotech was the show that let me see what animation could be. More than Voltron, more than Thundercats. This is the one that took animation from Saturday morning to Friday night. Now there may have been better examples or earlier ones, but for me, it was Robotech and I will always have a fond place for it in my heart and my memories.

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