Is spam made from sharks?

I was in a recent email conversation with someone and they were telling me that they think they got an email from me but it was marked spam and before they realized it, they deleted it. Turns out it wasn’t me but my dad’s email.

Ripley's Aquarium
Ripley's Aquarium

Anyway, in the course of the conversation I mentioned that since it happened twice it’s probably because archshrk looks like a spam address. You know, a bunch of random letters that gets shut down and thrown away quicker than it was set up. That’s when they asked

What does [archshrk] stand for?

ARCHitecture and SHaRKs = ARCHSHRK
two of my early passions.

Maybe I should start a website called Sharkitecture.
Too late! Sharchitecture’s taken too. Oh well.

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