Insert foot

Have you ever writen a post that you regret? Where delete just isn’t enough.

Sometimes we can write a post with a certain goal in mind only to find that by the end, we’ve written something completely different. Sometimes that’s good. This time it wasn’t. I wrote a post that I regret and I was quickly rebuked and, just as quickly, I realized what I’d done. I edited the post and apologized. And as much as it was possible, the other person accepted my apology. I doubt they forgive me but I can’t expect that from them.

I’ve removed the offending content, am about to re-title this post and change the links in the comments to keep from perpetuating the problem. I’d hate for someone to revive this by finding it in a search engine 6 months from now. The damage is done but I don’t have to let it continue.

[removed stupid content I wrote – see comments as to how stupid I was]


Update: [The other blogger] responded and I realize I was/am an ass. I don’t know why I felt it was necessary to pass judgment on someone else but I did. And for that I’m sorry. You can see from her comment below she was not too pleased with my post – and rightfully so. She points out my hypocrisy and calls attention to the obvious. I want more blog recognition and have struggled with the temptation to earn more money and get more visitors and have more comments. I’ve toyed with the idea of PPP and other plans to increase traffic or revenue but none seem to fit my personality or talent.

Part of what distresses me is that I enjoy and admire her writing style (probably am even a little jealous). Even though I would love to see a profit from this blog, I don’t want to go down that road, partly because I can’t afford to lose any readers and partly because I would get bored. I admit I’ve “sold out” on occasion myself and probably should reconsider some of the steps I’ve taken but for right now, i must apologize to her for what was essentially an unwarranted and unjust attack on her and her blog.

[blogger], I’m sorry for my presumption and unkindness. Obviously, I’d like to withdraw my entry