I Wooted

So a friend on the Inktank Forums made a video of his Bag of Crap he got from Woot.com for $1 and let me tell you, he got some good crap.

Of course I had to check it our for myself and I was pleasantly surprised to see the great One-Day deals they offer. So I bookmarked them and added them to my bloglines RSS reader so I wouldn’t miss any killer deals. There have been some great deals but nothing I was in the market for. That is, until today.

Today, I Wooted. Today’s One-Day deal was Cube Memory 2GB MicroSD Card with SD Adaptor for only $6.49 each plus $5 shipping. So I bought three (the limit) My total came to $19.47 + $5 shipping = $24.47. Amazon offers the 2GB microSD Memory Card for $17.95 each plus shipping. The list price is $79.99 but I’ve seen the prices drop dramatically on this type of memory card so it must be that demand for this size (2GB) is almost gone now that you can get 8GB cards. Either way, it’s still useful for use in our cell phones which is why I got them.

Of course I see that you can get SanDisk 2GB MicroSD/TransFlash Card with SD Adapter from Amazon for $6.55 each so maybe I didn’t get such a great deal after all.

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