I Wish I Had More Time

I wish I had more time to blog. I have lots of things I’d like to talk about but not the the time to prepare the posts. I could just ramble on about things like imigration reform, changing the look of my website or the value of a well placed burrito. Unfortunately, the things I want to talk about require more than just an opinion or require more of an opinion than ” I like this but not that” When I started this blog (which by the way is a compilation of 3 blogs) I had a real goal in mind. To write more thought provoking and heart felt topics. Like “why should we evangelise if God does all the work?” and explaining why we should be glad we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Unfortunately for me (and you) I seem too busy to write with due diligence. But am I trully too busy or am I just prioritising the wrong things. Or rather, am I prioritising correctly and just thinking I could should be more righteous and holy than I am. Which now makes me realize, this post is turning into something [changes catagories] My righteousness and holiness comes from God, specificly, from Jesus the Christ, who took on my sin as His own and thus took on the punishment (that wrath of God, the Father). He then imputted His holiness into me via the Holy Spirit. When the father sees me, he sees Jesus in me. When he looks at my record, he sees “Paid in Full” Why then do I not live as if I have holiness and righteousness? Because I know I don’t deserve it. But if I doubt it, then I doubt the effectiveness of Christ’s sacrifice.

I could ramble on but I think I need to spend a little time gathering my thoughts on this matter. It’s too important to address half-heartedly, but too important to ignore. While I prayfully seak God’s Word on this topic, I encourage you to visit KaleoChurch.com and see what questions you need answered.

One thought on “I Wish I Had More Time

  1. I too wish I had more time…to write. To read…oh to read! There are so many books I want…need!..to read, but just don’ t have the time. But, weighing my other priorities, sacrificing this lack of time for, say, time for family first, attending church & exploring Faith, …seems justified.

    I’d like to hear more on the topics you touched upon, when you have the time :).

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