I Love My Job

more specifically, my company’s Christmas Party

specifically, door prizes

specifically the fact that I won the big prize
(vs last year where I won a bar set*)

Specifically… THIS!

The totally redesigned VIZIO 32″ LCD HDTV proves you don’t have to sacrifice style for technology. The elegant design of this television with it’s shiny piano black bezel and ultra-slim size will make it the centerpiece to any room. This unit offers a super high 1366×768 native resolution and 1200:1 contrast ratio that will make your movies and video games come to life. HDMI connectivity makes setup fast and easy by allowing you to transfer high-definition audio and video all in one connection. This versatile television even has a PC input, so you can use it as a high-end computer monitor to enjoy surfing the Internet or playing PC games. And as with all VIZIO TV 32″ and above we offer you our amazing 1 year in-home service warranty.
32″ HD 1366 x 768 native LCD HDTV – Experience the superb picture quality from a flat panel high definition television at an affordable price with the compact Vizio VX32L HDTV.

*About last year’s winnings: the prizes were equally good (minus the TV) but the bar set was especially interesting since I don’t drink. Equally funny was how all the manly items (tools, electronics, etc.) went to the ladies while the feminine prizes (See’s Candy, Bath sets, candles, etc.) went to all the gents. It worked out in the end. Since all gifts came from Costco, I just returned the barset and picked up something more useful – like food.

3 thoughts on “I Love My Job

  1. Wow! You actually won that TV? I think I would pee my pants since I never win anything. Congrats and happy holidays! Oh yes, and Michelle sent me!

  2. It is cool, especially since it’s free, even better that it’s 32″, better yet that it’s a wide screen LCD but-

    But there is a downside. Everybody (and I mean everybody) keeps asking “So how’s that new TV treating you?”. It wouldn’t be so bad if they simply said,
    “Must be nice”
    or “You’re soooo lucky”
    A little variety would be good, you know.

    I just don’t know how to respond to that question.
    I mean, what do you say?
    “…it’s treating me like the pimp that I am”
    “…I’m the dominate and it’s the submissive”
    “…I sold it to a guy in a van for $200”

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