I lost my mind to Minecraft

A couple of weeks ago some friends got me hooked on a new game which I never would have gotten into on my own. And just so you know, I never left. Understand, I usually play games like Silkroad r and Phantasy Star Online. This is the kind of game that is so simple to pick up but so vast you can’t put it down. It looks basic but the complexity is quite large and is only getting better. And if you act now, you can get it for half price*.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that..

Actually, there’s lots of ways to describe it but none quite capture what Minecraft really is. So rather than explain it, I’ll show you.

For those living under a rock, Minecraft is an amazing world-building, resource-mining, totally creative, monster fighting game that uses simplistic graphics to create a wonderful world to explore and survive. There are some basic things to understand about the game which will help you get started. First, there are two modes to play.

1) Peaceful – where it’s just you and nature and you free to roam and dig and build to your hearts content with nothing to worry about except falling into a mine shaft or lava flow.

2) Survival – which has three levels of difficulty and there are monsters which will try to kill you while you do all of the above. To play in survival mode you’ll want to build shelter before nightfall. Either build into the mountainside or build a free-standing house. Just make sure you have torches.

*Minecraft is currently in alpha stage, which means it’s still being developed into a full fledged piece of software. It will be going into beta stage which is closer to final but technically is still development. After beta comes final which is when the game really takes off (as if it needs any help with that).

When Minecraft is finished, it will sell for ?20.00. (about $28 US)
If you pre-purchase now during alpha, you pay just ?9.95! (about $13.50 US)
The price will go up at beta.

Please note that when you buy the game, you’re paying for the game as it is right now!
You will receive any and all future updates for free as a bonus.

4 thoughts on “I lost my mind to Minecraft

  1. Oh. and BEST. TRAILER. EVER.

    For some reason it’s almost better after you’ve played for a while.

    I hope these people do another one after the update, which you failed to mention. :P

    1. I KNOW! I totally wanted to make the point about the update. I even already had a place for the link but wanted to expand on it. Still haven’t played since the update but I think I will in a few seconds. As for my house video…I’ll do it but it’s really just a starter house. I spend far too much of my limited time digging down rather than building up. I’ll make a video and show you where my future house is starting to go up. I actually am building it over my spawn point.

      Lately, I’ve been trying to connect my three deep caverns so I don’t have to go to the surface to explore each one. Of course, one of these days, I’ll stop playing in peaceful mode and won’t that be fun.

  2. Aye, best to play the update before commenting on it I guess.

    I’ve *never* played in peaceful mode. That way I’m having to find all sorts of tricks to stay active/safe for the night cycle.

    It provides a lot more incentive to build a shelter – and stay inside and craft/smelt at least half the day. Not to mention all the extra food/armour/weapons I need.

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