I don’t like Buffalo

I’m not that fond of BBQ either. What? You thought I had something against The Queen City? No, it’s Jack in the Box’s new Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches. They’re like miniature crispy chicken sandwiches but instead of ketchup and mustard, they use buffalo wing and ranch sauce.

Now don’t go protesting on my account. I simply don’t care for the taste of buffalo wings so this was doomed from the start. Of course, had I read the name correctly the first time, I wouldn’t have ordered it – but I had a coupon – so there you have it.

Now you may be wondering what’s Jack in the Box? or why don’t we have those fancy-dancy chicken sandwiches? First off, Jack in the Box is a fast food chain found in over half the U.S. but mostly in California and Texas. Second, San Diego is a test market so we tend to get things first – it also helps that JITB is headquartered here. Oh, and they have a new logo coming out.

And for those who care to know, actual Buffalo meat makes great fajitas – hmm, fa-ji-tas

One thought on “I don’t like Buffalo

  1. I like all kinds of Buffalo but I’ve never been to the city. I prefer my buffalo wings with Blue Cheese dressing and not Ranch. Actually, I prefer most things with Blue Cheese!! I think we might be getting a JITB around here somewhere, we have started getting commercials.

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