How to make a peanut butter sandwich

A friend of mine shared this perfect ice breaker question for use at a party where nobody knows each other (say…a movie premier)

What is the one correct way to make a peanut butter sandwich?

Seems simple enough until you start getting into the details. What kind of bread, toasted or plain, PB on one side and Jelly on the other, what kind of jelly, how much, cut diagonally, straight, not cut at all …

You have to start with the basics. Take out the bread (Potato Bread), Skippy Peanut Butter – Super Chunky, and Strawberry Preserves (aka jelly). Lightly toast the bread so it has some strength when you plaster on a thick layer of peanut butter. The toasting helps soften the peanut butter so it spreads easier too. Now when you put the peanut butter on, remember to carve out a little crater in the center of the peanut butter. You’ll need this to catch the jelly. Once you put a healthy helping of jelly on, fold it into the peanut butter so that you have even distribution. You’ll need to fold it so that the peanut butter and jelly bond together to keep the jelly from squeezing out. Now that you’ve properly folded the PB&J together form a little mound in the center. This way, when you place the second slice of bread on top and squish it together, the mound flattens out to the edges without spilling out. Pour yourself a glass of milk and enjoy.

So I ask you, my loyal readers, what is the one correct way to make a peanut butter sandwich?

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  1. Hm… whole grain bread for me, preferably with big chunks of nuts in it. Toasted. Crunchy peanut butter on one slice, raspberry jam (WITH seeds) on the other, put together, sliced diagonally. 2% milk, cold cranberry juice or ice water are all options. Nice to have grapes on the side.

    Potential substitutes for the jam: honey, bananas, tart apple slices.

    1. Yvonne, the salmonella contamination occurs in the manufacturing process. If the peanut butter is contaminated, return it to the store or throw it away. If it is not contaminated, storing it in a cool, dry cupboard is fine UNLESS it is one of the “natural” peanut butters, in which case you should refrigerate the opened jar. Check the label to know for sure.

      1. Follow up about refrigeration…

        In response to your Laura Scudder’s Natural Peanut Butter storage inquiry, refrigeration is not required and can be stored in a cupboard or in a pantry. The statement on the jar is suggested to slow down oil separation.

  2. i love it i just didnt put the jelly on or toast it or use that bread or that peanut butter i used creamy peanut butter on reg. girly white bread and spread it and ate it yum”

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