How do I change my Goal in Wii Fit?


So I recently got back into my Wii Fit and realized that 1) my goal was not met and 2) my goal was unrealistic. SO when prompted to set a new goal, I tried to be more honest about what I could achieve and what time frame I would shoot for. Unfortunately, I set my goal to gain weight rather than lose weight. While this is probably more achievable, it’s not what I had in mind. Now when i tried to correct this error I discovered that there is no change goal option in Wii Fit. A quick serach of the internet reavealed two solutions. One, simply wait two weeks until you are prompted to reset your failed goal or 2) follow the answer provided by

1. Redo your test or take a new one. This time hold something that weighs more than what your goal is. It will tell you that you reached your goal and want you to set a new one. So set the new goal to lose the amount of weight your holding.

2. Then take another body test without the weight. Thus reaching your goal again.

3. Finally, re-set your goal to what you really want using your current weight/bmi.

Please note: If you do this all the same day, your previous tests will be overwritten and your graph will be unaffected. However, if you correct this goal on another day, your graph will have a hiccup, but you’ll be able to save your profile and just move on. If your situation is opposite, and you meant to gain instead of lose. You must either use a chair to create less weight during the body test. Or possibly ask a lighter person to do the test for you!

This second option is good if you want immediate changes but option #1 is probably just as effective.

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