How can we minister to the homeless without feeding them?

Well, the debate is over. After some prayerful consideration and studying the word of God it is clear that we need to obey the law as it does not go against God. We are not prohibited from feeding the homeless, we just can not make food at home for them. This is an easy fix. We will purchase pre-packaged, non-perishable food items to give with the socks and water.

The law is there to protect people from unsafe food, we can not ignore it because it does not suit us. God has put the authorities in place for the welfare of the whole society. Our ministry was not so much about feeding them food (for many are not lacking) but to bring them the Gospel. If we can not bring the Gospel without a home-made burrito, then we were never bringing the Gospel at all.

My eternal gratitude to those who have helped make many a burrito these past 18 months. Starting out in a kitchen too small for all of us to fit into, to a kitchen that could be used to feed the entire church (which it has). This has been an amazing journey.

The next step for burritos and socks is unclear. We will still gather together to go downtown with whatever supplies we are permitted but what that develops into is yet to be seen. I encourage all of you to join us as we continue this ministry in its new season.

Also, we will be moving Burritos and Socks to Monday nights next week. We will still meet at the Goodmanson’s this week on Thursday but will meet at Marc Hutchinson’s the following Monday. Consequently, the Monday night group will now meet at Marc’s on Thursday (next week)

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