I must confess that I have been addicted to the internet recently, especially blogs. I’m always looking for that one site that makes the journey worth while. When I find something I like, I add it to my bloglines reader. If they continue to update and I continue to enjoy them, then I have a regular site to visit and find myself spending time wisely. On occasion, I even find a site so enjoyable that I will break down and add them to my blogroll. Today is just such a day.

I found honestyrain a while back and she has never failed to deliver. Every post is filled with humor or insight or both and I am never disappointed for having taken the time to read her blog. Whether its Imaginary Interviews or asking “why does this dog keep licking Madison’s bed underneath her pillow?” her posts are just a joy to read. So if you’re looking for a good time, go check out honestyrain and see for yourself. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post: dear nose at the middle of my lovely face (completely borrowed without permission)

hello, nose. how are you? not well, right, yes, i know. dark green mucus coming out at all angles. right. that’s actually what I’m writing to discuss.

i understand that we, yourself and the rest of the body, have undergone various degrees of illness over the past several weeks. believe me, i know how hard it has been. but currently, it seems, and i don’t mean to point fingers, that you’re the hold out in this getting well scheme and i wonder if you wouldn’t mind giving it up already? because as much as i am so glad to have you, my nose, i have to admit that your plugginess and constant need for blowing and snuffling and general sickie activities is wearing thin on my last damned nerve.

5 thoughts on “Honestyrain

  1. When I first started visiting, I would read it as honey train. Had to make a point to read it correctly. I think her new blog header makes it easier to read it correctly than the old header. Honesty rain is a more interesting title though. The other sounds like a gangsta p0rn site name. “yo yo yo. where the honeys at? they be on the honey train :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion though I have to admit when I read the title I saw “honeystrain” and thought, “Eh?”

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