I was over at Michele’s and the discussion turned to whether or not the Christmas “ho-thing” has started too early. At issue were such things as Christmas newsletters and wearing santa hats to work to the usual in-store displays. A common rant I’m sure, but one I rarely engage in since it’s always been this way. But anyway, the question was “Do you think there is a proper time to start the holiday decorating and card mailing, and if so, what time is that?”

I don’t like to decorate until December starts. I want to savor Autumn a little more (especially after Thanksgiving) before getting into the Christmas theme. I don’t mind seeing a few “supplies” at the local stores because you do want to stock up before you decorate but to get into the festive decorating before Holloween is a bit much. It’s like Starbucks or Krispy Kremes diluting themselves by showing up everywhere from supermarkets to gas stations. It’s the uniqueness and care that makes it special. Now it’s just common and the quality has gone down.

So now I’ll ask you. Do you think there is a proper time to start the holiday decorating and card mailing, and if so, what time is that?

3 thoughts on “Hollow-Thank-Christmas

  1. At home we’re pretty much in the post-Thanksgiving camp, although some things happen sooner than others. For example, inside decorations have been going up since Sunday. Tree and outside gear scheduled for next weekend. Cards… not sure. But I expect retailers to waste no time; gotta have *something* on those shelves, and all those somethings tend to spread their little tendrils to every aspect of a business.

    I just do my best to ignore the early encroachments, those that appear around the 3rd week of October and slowly consume every inch of space left vacant by Halloween and (typically) token Thanksgiving Stuff.

  2. Happy belated birthday Luke. I always think of Christmas stuff beginning after Thanksgiving myself. I guess I was sucked in by all the Xmas marketing. But now…now, the Xmas stuff comes out before Halloween. Yuck!

  3. First, also a Happy Belated Birthday! Second, Astro Blasters is totally rigged against girls… The Spouse always kicks butt and I’m always a low score. It’s sexist, I tell you! Third, I usually plan on decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving and then don’t. I didn’t this year, but I’m determind to get it done by next weekend (hopefully). I need the Christmas cheer.

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