Hello internet, my old friend

It’s been a while since I last posted but it’s not from lack of wanting to post, it’s just…well, I just…ah, screw it – I’ve run away and joined the circus. There, I said it!.

As you may recall from before my posting hiatus I told you that I have a new job, which is good since I was laid off by my old job after 10 years. It was weird to say goodbye to the old place but change is good. Being unemployed for 2 months is not*. But my new job is not the circus I’m referring to. While it has it’s own craziness it was the move from San Diego to Sacramento and all that goes with that that kept me off-line for so long. The few moments that I had at work to go online were used to search for and set up a new place to live. So you can understand why I was AWOL from my blog these past several weeks.

The next several posts will be my attempt to recap some of the things that transpired from the first contact from my new employer to today. It might be peppered with current information so I’ll try to be clear as to when I’m recapping and when I’m posting in real time.

*being unemployed for ONLY 2 months vs. 12-24 months IS good – so I won’t complain.

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