Haunted Car Commercial

Back by popular demand….
You’ll need a sound card to listen to the production team’s reaction.
A brief description is below.

This is a VW COMMERCIAL from Germany. When they finished filming the ad, the people who made it noticed something moving along the side of the car like a ghostly white mist.

The ad was never approved for TV broadcast because, if the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits, the general population of mainly poorly educated and superstitious farm workers would flip out big time.

Watch it and about halfway through, as the car emerges from the clump of trees, you will have to look very closely at your screen as is quick, you will see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road……Spooky!

You can also see the commercial HERE.

7 thoughts on “Haunted Car Commercial

  1. I found this introduction elsewhere but thought it a good alternate to prep the viewer.
    Mist, Ghost or Computer Graphics?
    Supposedly this is a car commercial that never aired. I’m thinking that it is more probably a very good student project using Computer Graphics. About 2 seconds into the “commercial” notice something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist that looks humanish. The subtly makes is so believable. Movie animators could learn a bit from this. If computer graphics couldn’t do this kind of thing I might be a bit spooked.

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  3. I think the commercial was a very scary comercial but after it’s over and you had ur scare u laugh about it! When I first saw it i was terrified! I started to share it with friends and family and noticed their reactions to the peranormal figure. why do we act so scared and why don’t we know that they are coming? my question is if this is acually a bad thing for people’s heath and images! plz contact me at [email removed] I would love to here your comments on what i have to say! thx u.

    Dear Lariah, unfortunately, I had to edit your comment because I simply can’t tell if if you’re real or spam. Please feel free to leave another comment but be sure to include your website or a forum profile or some way for me to validate your existence

  4. You know, this isn’t a car commercial. It’s a commercial from Germany for a type of canned coffee called K-Fee. There is no mist in the video at all. The destription was just thought of. The commercial was just made to make the viewers alert. End of story.

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