Happy Mother’s Day – early edition

So I’m not one for secrets. Never have been.

I mean, I can definitely keep a secret – I just don’t like them. Case in point, This will be Julia’s first fully realized Mother’s Day. And with that comes Julia’s first proper Mother’s Day gift. Do you see where this is going?

First Mother\'s Day

With Julia not working (for money), our spending habits have really had to change. Now it’s not difficult to save a little extra here and there for something special (like going to the movies) but two tickets to the local cinema were not going to adequately say “thanks for giving birth to our son. You’re a real trooper and I love you very much” . Diamond earrings or a pearl necklace do a much better job of that.

Problem is, we can’t spend that kind of money and Corbin has really started to grab things and hold on tight, so jewelry is kind of on the “outs” right now anyway. Enter Plan ‘B’.

One thing I’ve been wanting for Julia is a new pocket camera. The one her brother gave her 4 years ago is starting to show it’s age. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome at the time and he’s awesome for having purchased it for her birthday, but times- they are a-changin’.

So I started looking around and reading reviews and collecting alluminum cans and tried to decide which camera would be right for us.

Canon Powershot SD1000

I was really torn between the Nikon COOLPIX S210 and the Canon PowerShot SD1100. Both seam to be very comparable and fit my needs. I wanted small, fast and user friendly. But with so many options out there, it was really hard to choose.

The Nikon doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet and no proper real-world tests but it seemed to be a good camera and offered some advance setting control not available in the Canon. Plus it comes in cool colors. But the Canon does have a proven track record and we know from experience how good Canon’s generally really are. What to do, what to do…

Coolpix S210 (purple)

In the end, it simply came down to what did Costco carry in-store. Nikon COOLPIX S210 won, this time. The Costco camera package included the leather case and 1gig SD card, battery and charger (and was available in purple) for the same price as amazon had for just the camera, battery and charger.

Back to my whole secrets point. I couldn’t wait for Sunday to give Julia her new camera so I gave it to her on Tuesday (the day I purchased it). She really liked it but we’ll see if it holds up to the demands of Julia’s Shutter-bug-ness. It’s still new so look for some pictures to follow in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – early edition

  1. You made the right choice. It came in purple! What can beat that?

    I have a really old Nikon, and the only trouble I have with it is it’s increased sensitivity (or lack of) to light and movement, so it sucks indoors and with moving objects. But like I said, mine is an old model. They should have fixed it by now.

    Happy Mothers Day to Julia!

    P.S : I like your shark avatar. That’s a shark, right? Barracuda?

  2. Great choice! In the never-ending Canon-vs-Nikon debate, I’ve got to admit that it can easily go both ways. It often depends on how the thing feels in your hands, because both manufacturers craft cameras that can take great pictures in a wide range of situations.

    I’ve got a Nikon dSLR, but when I bought it I went through a similar process. Ultimately went with the Nikon because it allowed me to leverage my old Nikon lenses (which I love dearly.) But photography is so much more about the person doing the shooting anyway.

    Congrats on a wonderful Mother’s Day gift choice. I’m sure she’s thrilled!

    Michele sent me to say thanks for chiming back in. My apologies for being a stranger for so long. Life’s been getting in the way of blogging :)

  3. So that’s what your Internet name meant. I’ve always vaguely wondered whenever I saw you round RaJ’s. Good to know! :)

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