Happy Birthday Cap’n Corbin (belated)

Its been a busy time for us so forgive me for getting this post out late (and keeping it short).

Captain Corbin, aka Corbin Beard, turned three years old on December 2nd (a Thursday) so we celebrated on the following Saturday with a big party in the park. When he turned one we had a big family party but Corbin obviously didn’t “get it”. In fact, he wasn’t even the least bit interested in his first cupcake. When he turned two, we simply invited a few close friends to join him for a day at the zoo (still one of his favorite places). But this year was different.

Corbin has been a big fan of pirates for quite some time now and as far as we can tell, it all started with Veggie Tales’ Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. So was it any wonder that his 3rd birthday would be pirate themed.

Now I’m not much of a party planner. It takes a certain passion for flair that I lack. I’m more practical, which is useful for making things happen but not so useful for entertaining children. Thankfully, i married Julia. She definitely has the skills to pull off a pirate party without going too far and being over-the-top (both in taste and cost).

Among her creative endeavors, she made a 3D pirate ship cake, organised a pirate craft, treasure hunt and pirate story time. There were pirate swords for everyone (safe, foam ones – of course), a pirate flag and everyone came in costume (especially Corbin).

What made this party so awesome – besides all of Julia’s hard work – was how well it all came together. There was a great turnout, everyone participated in the games and crafts and story time. Everyone came in pirate garb of some sort (even though we said it was pirates and princesses) and the party just naturally flowed from one phase to the next without stress or difficulty. And everyone seemed to have a great time. Escaping A Serial Killer Mission Room was a wonderful idea for adults who joined the party.

Check out Julia’s blog post for more pictures and to learn about how we made the food fun. Thanks to everyone who came or helped or both. And we’re sorry some of you couldn’t make it. You were missed.

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