Grand Canyon Skywalk Pictures

Update: The Grand Canyon Skywalk is now open and I have included some pictures from the First Walk ceremony.
I hope this isn’t too much of a teaser post but my friend Kathy just got back from a trip to the Grand Canyon and visited the site for the Grand Canyon Skywalk and took some pictures. Guess what…it’s not ready. She asked about it and the lady at the visitor ticket window said it won’t be ready until late January. The “Indian Chief Guy” told my friend it would be ready in early May while the tour bus driver said it won’t open until March. keep in mind that all of these people are referring to the Skywalk itself. They would then begin construction on the Visitor Center which means access to the Skywalk would be limited and frequently interrupted.

But just so you don’t feel disappointed, check out these photos of the Grand Canyon Skywalk my friend was able to get through the fence. Click on the category link below for more info about the Skywalk including the Welding Process and the Glass Rails.

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