Google Voice for tracking Spam

Since I started using Google Voice, I’ve received several calls from so-called mortgage help services which are of course a scam since I no longer have a mortgage that needs help. Today I received a call from an unfamiliar number in a state far far away. 216-282-0010 called and left the following message…

…Work with their clients. To reduce balances on credit cards medical bills and unsecured debt with no fees. We are calling from the renegotiation department pertaining to your current bill reference number 589632. We are implementing this procedure under this directive and are calling to get your credit card reduced under Civil Code 17 88.14. If you are not interested in reducing your balances press 3. It is important that we do everything possible to lower your balances, and cut your debt in half. Press. 5 Now to be transferred to the renegotiation department press 5, to cut your balance is in half. – 216-282-0010-scam received 6/20/11 3:41 PM

Needless to say, I reported them to the National Do Not Call Registry but we all know that’s pointless since they simply use VOIP and fake the number. Probably aren’t even in the U.S.

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  1. I’ve been getting the ” [[ BOAT HORN ]]This is your captain speaking…” ones on my cell phone. Thing is, it’s only happened *since* putting my number on the Canadian No-Call list…. :/

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