Google Music and Meta Data

I just relabeled 68 songs as Queen Greatest Hits but only 17 were suppose to change. The problem is that when doing a search in Google Music, it will give you more results then it should. For example Sweet Dreams are made of these by the Eurythmics is clearly not by Queen but because they both were labeled "Greatest Hits" Google Music lumped them together. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until after changing the album's meta data.

Once your songs are uploaded to Google Music, they're not easy to edit, so you'll want to get your metadata into shape before you start. Getting your album covers and data in order ahead of time will save you the headache of doing it once it's in the cloud.

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Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape
Most of us have spent years building up our digital music libraries, along with tons of missing, mismatched, and incorrect tags on your music over that time.

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  1. 100% agree. Google music needs some help. I guess one day when I was uploading I must have had a bad connection, now I have a lot of half songs and weird stop points.

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