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My wife and I are going to Seattle at the end of the month (Oct. 20th -30th) and wanted to find out from all you Seattle types, what should we not miss while there?

Of course we’re going to Mars Hill Church, but what other sites and attractions are a must see?

Here are the suggestions so far…

see the fremont troll

space needle – i believe you can get a drink in the restaurant and it will save you the cost of buying a ticket to the observation deck.

snoqualmie falls
– it may be a little wet/cold out this time a year, so pack a rain coat.

See the Lenin statue, Bruce Lee’s grave. Kurt Cobain’s old home where he killed himself. Try to drive by Bill Gates house. Take a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Go to Victoria BC. Fisherman’s wharf. Northwest Trek, Mt. St. Helens. Mt. Rainier. The first Starbucks. Seattle Center (this is where you’ll find the Space Needle). Eat at an Ivars and order clam chowder. Go to Port Orchard, stop by South Kitsap High School and tell them I’m still traumatized.

Well, my “must see” list is the Space Needle and Pike Steet Market and Archie McPhee’s.

Space Needle – Obvious.

Pike Street Market – Home of the first Starbucks (founded 1971) and the world famous “fying fish” (the fish mongers in the market throw the fish all over the place when an order is placed). It’s basically a lage market with a cool feel.

Archie McPhee’s – A GREAT place for weird toys, gadgets, kitsch, etc. From plastic colored tiki Christmas lights to fake dog poo, from hula girl lamps to plastic toy soldiers sold by the pound, this place is like Pee Wee’s playhouse exploded! Just a fun, fun store.

If you have room in the budget for a super awesome meal, Anthony’s Pier 66 is something I wouldn’t miss.

Seconded on Pike’s Place Market. Somewhere in there is an amazing little shop that sells soup and fish sandwiches, both are really good. I forget the name but it’s directly across from Uli’s, a sausage shop.

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  1. Actually, I’m told its more of a constant drizzle than actual rain. You can sheild yourself from rain with a simple umbrella, but drizzle hangs in the air and you walk into it like steam from the shower. You can’t escape it.

  2. I heard the “incessant rain” thing is mostly a myth, to keep the reality of a spectacular climate secret from everyone else. Be careful; if this is true you might have to like, take an oath and promise to perpetuate the deception or something.

  3. I can’t help u, I have never been there myself but I hope you have a great time and blog about it with photos afterwards for the rest of us lol.
    Here via Michele’s

  4. I’ve been to Seattle on a few occasions but don’t know much about the attractions with two exceptions: the Space Needle and the Music Experience (but haven’t been there).

    Here from Michele’s!

  5. If you are seafood lover, I wouldn’t miss Ivar’s on the Pier. Best clam chowder known to mankind. Pretty stellar view, too.

    Also, I would suggest taking a ferry ride. You know, just for kicks.

  6. Go to Kirkland! It’s super cute. Artsy.

    Queen Anne Hill is gorgeous. You can see the entire city from up there.

    Bainbridge Island is so pretty. It’s really small and there’s just a teeny downtown with some stores and places to eat. You have to take the ferry from downtown over there, the ferry ride is so quiet – you see a lot of the islands on the way. Then you can drive from Bainbridge (the ferry is for cars and pedestrians) over to Poulsbo, which is one of my favorite spots. My mom lives about 10 minutes away. It’s this old Scandinavian town with a lot of character. They have a great bakery, little jewelry stores, etc., etc. It’s right on the water.

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