Gnome for the Holidays

Halloween is only a month away and you know what that means…

That’s right, Christmas displays will be going up in stores across the country. Now I’ve talked about this before but this time I want to you to do something about it. Thus I give you Garden Gnome Carnage, the latest game to be added to the semi-extensive, fly-under-the-filters-radar, collection of flash-based games hosted here on my site (aka “not blocked at school”).

The basic premise is that you play the role of a garden gnome who tirelessly defends your brick glad apartment building from the flood of Santas (and Santa’s little helpers) by knocking them off you building or out of the sky. You will have some help but you’ll have to play to find out who or what that help looks like.

So if you’re like me (and who isn’t) then you’ll enjoy spending some time venting your commercialized-Christmas frustrations defending your home from the Jolly Fat Man and his minions.

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