Free Speach for Christians

A pastor that is currently in the approval process for sponsorship is going to be facing significantly greater persecution. Pastor Nonoy from Philippines is planting churches in the Buddhist nation of Cambodia. He started his ministry by establishing an English language school to get contacts in the community and evangelize. In the last 5 years he has planted a church in the capital and has started house churches in a number of nearby villages. However this week the government passed a law forbidding passing of literature or any kind of evangelism for non-buddhist entities outside of the boundaries of government approved church complexes. Additionally, the ban extends to any kind of evangelism or conversion efforts in community works such as feeding the poor, medical camps, or education facilities, particularly language schools, and other community outreach programs. I don’t know if his church building is fully registered with the government, but I can say it is a fair bet that the village home churches are not and his language school will be a target. We are trying to contact them to see how things are going. More to follow. Thanks for the prayers.

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  1. He has already a registration in the government. And God has been doing amazing things in his ministry. Thanks for the prayers.

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