Four Pictures

Michele asked “Without peeking, what hangs on the wall above your bed?”
This is my answer (in order – left to right)

But to be honest, I did peek because I could only remember three of them and couldn’t remember the order. These were all taken by my lovely wife, PhotoJulia. So what hangs on the wall above your bed?

6 thoughts on “Four Pictures

  1. Michele, sadly (for me) she’s not mine. We were babysitting and couldn’t resist snapping that shot of her little self on our Cal King bed. She does look peaceful though.

    Tommy, maybe you could get one of your shirts put on a poster at cafepress

  2. How beautiful! I adore black and white photography and have collected it for many years. These four pictures are stunning. However, I followed your “proof” link and discovered something even more adorable there…..lucky you!

    Thank you for sharing (despite the fact that you peeked).

    Sharing a secret: my favourite is the one on the far left, although, please don’t tell the other three – I would hate to hurt their feelings.

  3. such lovely pictures over your bed! (and such an adorable squishy cheeked infant. Babysitting has the advantage of avoiding 3am feedings!)

    I have an ugly 1960’s aluminum window above my CalKing – open of course!

    I loved the little rain storm we got yesterday morning. And it didn’t get too hot out here yesterday. But still, not as cool as I always wish it would be!

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