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I’m not a collector, not in the professional sense of the word. I don’t actively seek rarities or groups of memorabilia or even save the free toys in the occasional kids meal. No, I’m a pack-rat at best and not a very good one at that. But I do have some things of value worth holding onto.

I come from a long line of readers and intellectuals so books and brain teasers run in my family – just not in the same people. My grandmother was a huge reader and probably read every sci-fi/fantasy book ever written (she even had her book published). Her personal library was so large that she restocked the local library after a fire destroyed its collection. My grandfather was a computer – as in, he did mathematical computations (by hand) before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were even born. He also did these calculations for rockets, so I like to think of him as a rocket scientist (even if that’s a bit of an exaggeration).

My other grandparents were both school teachers and that takes a whole other kind of gift that many of us lack. I have a hard enough time teaching my own kids – and I love them, I don’t even know your kids.

But I tell you this so you’ll understand that these books that I have, are not for collecting a profit – but for collecting a memory, and that’s pretty profitable to me.

    The Chronicles of Narnia
    1) The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
    2) Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
    3) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    4) The Silver Chair
    5) The Horse and His Boy
    6) The Magician’s Nephew
    7) The Last Battle.

The classic story of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy and their adventures in the land of Narnia. The volumes include The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; The Horse and His Boy; The Magician’s Nephew; and The Last Battle.

C. S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia in Seven Volumes. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1950-1956.
First American editions. All state “First Printing.” Octavo. Illustrated by Pauline Baynes.

Original cloth of various colors. All in original jackets. Boards are all moderately worn, especially at the edges and corners, jackets faded, chipped, and with areas of loss.

Blue cloth boards with silver gilt to spine.

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