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So I haven’t posted in a few days (been pretty busy at work) so I thought I’d throw out a featured Gallery Album (click on picture). I had wanted to talk about the May 1st protests but I already offended some one when I said how happy I was that traffic was so light – so I think I’ll keep my opinions to myself – it’s just too volatile a topic. So instead, I offer you pretty pictures. Speaking of pictures, PhotoJulia has joined an online community to promote her photography. Strangely enough the site is ph.otogra.ph and her profile is here (note the clever use of site naming). Here’s what they have to say.

this website is an interactive photography project.
every week brings a new theme to challenge the creativity in all of us.
the themes are based on a noun, verb or adjective.
for example, this week the theme is noun: flower.
participants upload one photograph each week to fit the theme.
everything should be this fun.

One of the neat things about this is that it challenges the members (PhotoJulia) to photograph something other than what they want and/or to be more critical in what/how they photograph subjects. I’m looking forward to see what develops (no pun intended). So check out our Featured Album and then visit the users at ph.ogra.ph – enjoy!

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