Fear me


Took my LEED Exam v2.2 Friday and scored 186 (170-200 was passing). This is such a relief. No more tests – ever!

I was feeling very confident during the first part (like I may get 200!) but then the next questions got a little harder so I thought maybe only 197…190…180…171? But the hardest part was hitting the END button. This was a do or die situation because the requirements for LEED AP changed and this was my only chance to become a LEED AP under the old system. The new system requires LEED experience which is something I’m not likely to get since there’s little to no incentive for clients to pay for LEED certification.

So why was it so important? Well, my firm pays a healthy bonus for becoming a LEED AP and half the $300 exam fee is reimbursable regardless of your results.

I finished the 80 questions in 1 hour and reviewed for 30 min. (no brain dump for me). I studied the LEED Reference book (of course) the CO study guide and exams along with the UofFlorida exams. Any question I didn’t get or agree with, I looked up the answer. I used some other exams but they were not as good (outdated or simply incorrect) but being able to recognize that showed what I knew. I also used the PowerPoint presentation someone listed on the areforum as well as manincellv’s spreadsheet (for quick reference)

Final percentages for the four parts of the exam…
Knowledge of LEED Credit Intents and Requirements 82%
Coordinate Project and Team 78%
Implement LEED Process 87%
Verify, Participate In, and Perform Technical Analyses Required for LEED Credits 79%

3 thoughts on “Fear me

  1. I’m confused by the title of the article… :S

    This is such a relief. No more tests – ever!

    Isn’t there a test with the ‘Refresh every 2 years’? Or is it like driving, where you (unfortunately) just have to do it once and never again.

  2. There are no more “tests” but there is continuing education which is simply attending various industry seminars. Luckily, product vendors love to visit the office, offer a qualifying seminar and then follow it with a separate sales pitch – and they provide lunch (thus a lunch-n-learn)

    And in reality, there may be future credentials I’ll pursue but as of right now, I don’t have any plans to take more tests.

    As for the title, I was feeling a little emboldened by my newest title – LEED AP (Accredited Professional) to compliment my title as Architect and Web Master :)

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