Famous Birthdays

In completely unrelated news….
Here is a brief list of famous people who share my birthday:

    22-Nov-1744 Abigail Adams
    22-Nov-1890 Charles de Gaulle
    22-Nov-1899 Hoagy Carmichael
    22-Nov-1913 Benjamin Britten
    22-Nov-1921 Rodney Dangerfield
    22-Nov-1932 Robert Vaughn
    22-Nov-1943 Billie Jean King
    22-Nov-1958 Jamie Lee Curtis
    22-Nov-1961 Mariel Hemingway
    22-Nov-1979 Scott Robinson
    22-Nov-1984 Scarlett Johansson

This list is courtesy of FamousBirthdays.com or you could visit Biography.com for a similar list with biography links. Visit HistoryChannel.com to learn about important events that happened on your birthday…

    1927 Eliason Receives Snowmobile Patent
    1955 RCA purchases Elvis’ contract
    1718 Blackbeard killed off North Carolina
    1988 Stealth bomber unveiled
    1990 Margaret Thatcher resigns

So, what happened on your birthday?

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