Family Dinner

It’s funny how God works sometimes. You don’t know what to expect or when to expect it. We always want to be prepared to do what God wills but we always seem to have an exuse not to act. That’s why He always seems to “spring” opportunities on us.

Last Thanksgiving (04) is a perfect example. Having turkey dinner with the family, who by the way are not saved, I was asked to say the blessing. Did I mention this was asked at the dinner table? Right, no time to prepare. Now it was awesome that they asked and I was happy to do it, but I wonder if I tried to tailor it for their ears more than God’s.

Well, I was prepared the next time we had a family dinner. Only, next time, they didn’t ask. Funny.

Now this year we had Thanksgiving with the other family, which is saved, so no problem there. But tonight, we were baxk with the unsaved family and guess what. Yup, I was asked to pray – after we sat down, and God used me to speak. I prayed as I would any other time. From my heart to God’s ears. No self-editing or trying to manipulate them. Just pure and undefiled love for God. I think this speaks louder than the soft sell prayers we try to convert them with.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I’ve had similar experiences, though for me the less “prep” time the better. Sometimes I think too much, if you know what I mean.

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