So maybe $400 on a stroller isn’t too much.

If you recall from an earlier post, I talked about how we were thinking about getting a Joovy Caboose tandem stroller for when baby number two arrives. At the time, I couldn’t see why the Ergo version of the Caboose was so much more than the base model. That is, until I looked at the differences.

Among the many improvements listed below, one key change is the infant carrier positioning. It moved from the front seat to the rear seat. This feature alone makes it worth considering.

Here’s why

The biggest concern users had with the original Caboose was how the stroller wanted to tip forward when using the infant carrier without the second child acting as a counter balance. This eliminates that concern.

Another advantage is this change brings the infant child closer to the parent – both horizontally and vertically. This also allows the older child to sit forward, thus getting a scenic view (rather than the parents knees).

Throw in the extended canopy, flip open rear seat, large storage and mesh front seat and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet ride.

Here’s a video demonstrating some of the features of the new Joovy Caboose ERGO.

The four wheel Joovy Ergo Caboose Tandem Sit and Stand Stroller revolutionizes the already great features seen on the Caboose? Tandem Sit and Stand Stroller. Based on feedback from parents and children this innovative design offers more features you?re looking for in a stroller. It includes the patented Stand-on Tandem? that allows your older child to stand or sit while riding on the stroller. New features include an ergonomically engineered front seat, a multi-functional sun canopy, a swing away front tray with (2) removable cup holders, and a flip open rear seat. In addition it has some of the same great features of the Caboose? such as a huge easily accessible basket, sealed ball-bearing wheels and universal car seat adapter. Other great accessories allow you to customize your stroller for all of your needs (sold separately).

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