Do you think my bra is too tight. Maybe I shoul…

Thus begins the email I found in my junk box.

Actually, it’s the title in the subject line as I have no idea what was actually in the email. Only an idiot would open an email with a title like that, especially if they found it in their spam filter. But the title was enough to make me laugh. We’ve all had spam with catchy titles or misleading addresses but sometimes the spammers are obvious about being spam in hopes you’ll be curious enough to open the email. Not so much this time, but I have read others – just for laughs.

As RadioactiveJam pointed out recently, there seems to be a drop in spam in my personal email and my comments. The spammers seemed to have shifted there efforts to my work email (see above) and have been very fond of sending me postcards from [insert random name]. Also real popular right now are emails that suggest I emailed inappropriate images to a friend with subject lines like [sheesh man, what are you thinkin] and [how did you get her to pose for you] and the never ending offer to make money on investments. Like I need the money.

In other news, I’ve done some tweaking of my site (very subtle) and have changed the way my category pages display. Now you will see an excerpt from the post in addition to the title.

2 thoughts on “Do you think my bra is too tight. Maybe I shoul…

  1. This is exactly what I mean (Meant. Whatever) – a shortage of good garbage.

    Maybe I should rethink the whole blocking thing.

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