Digital Waste

Jessica over at Three Inch Crack is starting a new project which sounds like a lot of fun. Rather than deleting all the not-so-good digital pictures you take, email them to her and she will use them in her art projects. If you’ve seen Julia’s Gallery, then you can imagine how many photos get deleted. Some of the images she has displayed are pretty interesting already. We probably would have kept some of them.

?Digital Waste is a recycling program for digital photographs that have turned out wonky or off beam. DO NOT PRESS DELETE! Your digital waste might become a happy mistake. Please send your digital waste to for processing.?

I always keep these pics I take that aren?t quite right, but aren?t quite wrong either. I?m creating a space to post these pics and I hope that you all will send me yours too so that I can create an ongoing art project out of them. So, before you press delete, please send your photo waste to me at Also, please give your feedback, should it be called digital waste or photo waste? I was thinking of it as the waste from digital cameras, but I?m sure some people have the same kind of ?waste? from their old film cameras.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the support! Maybe you will ask Julia to send me her “waste” in the future? You asked about how I’d support it… I thought I’d figure it out as I go… I’m not sure right now because I am still in the early stages. I hope it will catch on. You don’t think blogger can handle it? I’m kind of new at this stuff.

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