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It finally came, my very own Crush and Store. Well, it’s not realy mine – the office paid for it, but it’s for my use.


OK, so here’s the deal. My office recycles but someone has to take the aluminum cans to be recycled – that’s where I come in. The problem is that when the bin gets full it is only worth about $8. Now if people crush there cans, it can hold more before getting full, which equals less trips to the recycler. of course, nobody crushes their cans (except me). So I needed a way to make it easy to crush the cans and keep lazy people from just tossing them into the bin. Solution: The Crusher – Crush and Store (emphasis on store) The metal lid is durable and the crusher is easy to use. So hopefully, people will use it and not abuse it. OK, now for the good news.

Instantly crushes any size aluninum can about 1″. Crushed can falls into trash barrel for storage. Fits most 32 gallon round barrels and mounts in seconds. Crushed cans save five times as much storage and transport space. Has a sturdy, all-steel construction.

If this is true then I can go to the recycler 5 times less often and get paid 5 times more per trip or $45 wich makes the $50 price tag worth it – especially since the office paid for the Crusher and I collect the money.

One thought on “Crush and Store

  1. This is from the email Frank, our Facilities Administrator sent out…

    …In other Earth First news: Thank’s to Luke exhaustive research, we have finally acquired a suitable can crusher located right by the vending area. This will insure that there is always space available for your empty cans. It’s a cool tool to get right before Yule. (I really don’t know how I come up with this stuff sometimes, I really “sleigh” me! Is it hot in here or is it just me?)

    Some people need to get out more. Ha ha, I kid. After all, it was Frank who made sure I got reimbursed for this thing (thanks Frank).

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